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The aims of the Internship Program:


The Internship Program that was intended for graduates and students aims to introduce students who are stepping first time to being a lawyer to the working atmosphere in innovative and prestigious law firms, to prove with practical knowledge and improve their skills.

We believe that Interns will bring new and progressive ideas and suggestions, and ALC reorganizes its working attitude in the eyes of them.

In the course of the internship, interns will be supervised by lawyers and will be able to educated in different fields of law. Besides learning working principle and overall structure of ALC, they will also gain knowledge on effective communication, various areas of law, economy, finance, and other practical experience.

After the end of the internship, all participant will be evaluated, and ones who successfully finished the certificate will be the award for the program.

To be able to participate in the program, a person should submit an electron from.

The ones who successfully accepted by the program will be communicated.

                                         Practice Program for Forum

*CV (PDF or DOC)

*Your choice is based on what BHM is. What are your achievements make you a challenger?

Kamilla Aliyeva


Student of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Nurlan Ahmadov


Student of the Sapienza University of  Rome (İtaly)

Kamran Khalilov

Student of Baku State University Law Faculty

Jale Bayramova

Student of Baku State University Law Faculty

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