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Accounting and Auditing Services

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Accounting and auditing services:

Accounting is a highly important topic for local and international companies.  Companies that are just beginning their businesses are not able to maintain a highly qualified professional in the field, and the services of inexperienced accountants lead to severe problems.

ALC has considerable experience and resources in areas such as accounting, tax, audit and human resources. In carrying out accounting services, ALC may send its specialist to a customer office, or it may be possible to carry out all the necessary operations from the ALC office.

By using the services of ALC, you will reduce the costs of bookkeeping, will not suffer because of inexperienced accountants, manage tax and statistical matters and be able to timely submit documents to government agencies, as well as, be able to avoid all fines and penalties of tax and accounting legislation; you will receive consultations for all other matters.

Our accounting services are followings:

  1. Accounting Autsoring
  2. The Submission of quarterly and annual reports to the relevant state authorities (The ministry of Taxes, State Social Protection Fund, Statistical Office, Employment Department).
  3. Consultancy on accounting matters
  4. Conducting an inventory of the enterprise’s primary tools.
  5. Analysis and list of Debtor and creditor debt
  6. Taxation advice
  7. Tax planning (leading of accounting expertise, consulting on taxation optimization)
  8. Representation of interests of the organization during tax audits, preparation of protests against acts of tax inspection
  9. Development of the company’s reporting policy and preparation of the initial reporting documents
  10. Human resources recording

Audit services are followings:


  1. Evaluation of the entity’s financial and audit activities
  2. Study of the enterprise’s economic effectiveness
  3. A summary of financial performance and financial documentation that complies with laws and regulatory acts, as well as domestic policies and company procedures.
  4. An overview of essential organization systems and preparing proposals for an upgrade of these systems.
  5. Financial Reports

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