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Cooperate and Commercial Law

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Cooperate and Commercial Law

We advise our customer on every aspect of Cooperate and Commercial Law.  Our team is consist of experts who specialized in Cooperate and Commercial matters.

Our team deals with cooperate law, tax and taxation, energy and natural resources, finance and financial markets regulation, the court system, pensions, real estate, insurance, management of investment, Startup, Information Technology and Intellectual property law.

As being ALC, we believe in informing our clients with our help to eliminate potential risks regarding the law, business, administrative changes.

Our services regarding commercial and cooperate law are followings:

  1. Registration, reorganization, termination of filial, missions, legal persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan
  2. The registration of cooperative changes
  3. Stock contracts
  4. preparation of collaborative documents
  5. Obeying current legislation
  6. unification and joining
  7. Privatization and restructuration
  8. interior and external operation
  9. Unified Enterprise
  10. Foreign investment
  1. Legal Examination of buyer and sellers
  2. Legal Assitance after unification, and while preparing the contract
  3. Analyzing the risks that will be a result of the contract
  4. The rules of Competition and Monopoly regulations
  5. Custom law
  6. Intellectual Property law, and data protection
  7. Advertisement law
  8. Insurance and reinsurance
  9. Legal representation in the court
  10. Registration and facility of “StartUp”s
  11. Secretary, translation and notarial service for customers

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