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Judicial, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

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Judicial, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

ALC offers quality legal service on court matters.  Our team is made of experienced lawyers who have studied abroad and Azerbaijan. We represent our clients in all instation of courts, arbitration courts and in other forms that are beside the court.  Our services are followings:

  1. Services on all court disputes
  2. Alternative solutions for disputes(arbitration and meditation)

In all conditions, ALC helps its customers to avoid court and riks. To assist clients in reaching their commercial goals while providing advice and representation of clients on any courts, arbitration and other dispute resolution methods, as well as, developing a creative approach to the optimal procedural tactics and dispute resolution, ALC experienced at all stages of the legal, commercial, regulatory, and reputational assess of potential risks. Our lawyers resolve disputes employing mediation, court proceedings or experts participation.

We provide for our clients advice and services about the positive and negative aspects of applying for arbitration, the various geographical options available, and the possibilities for mediation following the various contracts, parties, jurisdictions, and legal systems.




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